Alumni Association

Objectives: The alumni members shall

  1. Meet together yearly
  2. Exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences
  3. Keep abreast of recent trends in nursing
  4. Conduct executive meeting of the association and elect the office bearers
  5. Honor the graduates during the reunion.


  1. Maintain annual/life membership of the Association.
  2. Conduct annual reunion at parent institution
  3. Conduct education programs during reunion
  4. Honour graduates of a particular class
  5. Maintain communication with members
  6. Conduct need based transcultural research by members
  7. Sponsor events, programs/education for students/staff
  8. Maintain contact with College/Parent Hospital
  9. One third of the committee members shall be required to be present in order to take any decision.

Alumni Description

The alumnus forms the major strength of the institution. The Alumni Association of Prem Institute of Medical Science is formed under the title “PIMS Alumni Association” which is “Functional Association”.

alumni meet is conducted once in a year, where the alumni from different branches of Nursing (Under Graduate, Diploma AND program) students gets together and share their views and give suggestions for the betterment of their junior students. The alumni meet is hosted by the management generously where the alumni are honored with moments. Such meetings are mutually beneficial for the Institution and the alumni on different bases. This provides an opportunity for the alumni to meet their friends and act as a bridge for sharing their experience, knowledge, insights and makes us aware about the different areas of opportunities for the Junior Students.
The Alumni Association helps in many was Both Financially and Non Financially they are as follow……..

Non Financial Benefits :-

  • The alumni visit the institution to deliver Guest lectures and seminars for the students in their areas of expertise and motivate the young minds.
  • Successful entrepreneurs from the alumnus are invited to talk on their success stories at various occasions of the Institute and it provides motivation to the students for their further run.
  • The alumni also help the final year Nursing students to get their project placements.
  • They also assist the students for placement in public and private sectors

Financial Benefits :-

  • It also provides continuing education classes, certificate programs, or course audits—usually offered to alumni at deeply discounted rates.
  • Our membership fees help to fund scholarships for the next generation students, providing deserving candidates with an education they might not otherwise be able to afford.