Mission & Vision


The aim of the institution is focused on preparing students to develop the ability in critical thinking, problem solving and examining attitude. Every student is encouraged to develop and inculcate the scientific temper by being inquisitive. They must examine each and every medical and Nursing Phenomena with interrogatives i.e. What, When, Where, Whom, Why and how. It helps in taking up responsibility in continuing education for personal and professional advancement and effectiveness. We at Ganga Sheel School of Nursing encourage students to serve the humanity with compassion, dignity and devotion at all times.



Nursing is one of the oldest vocation and the youngest profession. Nursing over the period of time has evolved as a profession with a blend of tradition and modernity.

Nursing is a direct service, goal oriented and adoptable to the needs of the individual, family and community during health and illness. Nursing is influenced by advances in science and technology. The success of modern nursing and its advancement ensures a stable and balances health care system at local, national and international level.

Objectives of the Nursing Program: –

  1. To provide a comprehensive system of professional Nursing education and prepare students to impart highly competent nursing services.
  2. To maintain high standard of Nursing Education innovative through approaches to problem solving.
  3. To develop teaching and supervision skills in providing nursing care.
  4. To prepare professional nurses for administration of Nursing Services and education.
  5. To impart soft skills among all Nursing students.