Ganga Sheel School of Nursing Started the NSS Unit from the Year 2018-2019. There are 100 volunteers. Every Year in NSS we have 7 days of Special camp and 4 days of one day camps every year.

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The aims and objectives of the NSS are:-

1)Mainly to render service to the community while studying in an educational institution.

2)To arouse the social conscience among students

3)To provide them with an opportunity to work creatively and constructively with the community around the educational campus.

4) To put the education they receive to concrete social use

5) to work with and among the people

6) To engage in creative and constructive social action

7) To enhance knowledge of oneself and the community theory a face-to-face interaction with reality

8) To use the knowledge gained in the classroom in a practical way for instigating at least some of the social problems

9) To gain skills in programme development to be able to be self-employed. The goals are to achieve improvement in personality, leadership qualities, national outlook and sense of civic responsibility.

 The motto of the NSS is ‘Not me but you’. This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need to appreciate the other person’s point of view first and to show consideration for fellow human beings. It also underlines that the welfare of the individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society as a whole NSS attempts to establish meaningful linkages between ‘Campus and Community’, ’College and Village’ and ‘Knowledge and Action’

After starting NSS camp 4 students-Ishika Pal, Babita Dhami, Diksha, Gurpinder Singh, got selected for NIC (National Integration Camp) which was from 24th March to 30th March 2019 at Chandigarh.