From The Principal’s Desk

Nursing is one of the basic instinct present not only among humans but also seen as a strong instinct even among all organisms. This instinct to care for their own off spring and being kind and caring to others is very the essence of Nursing.

We at Ganga Sheel School of Nursing harness this basic instinct by training our students to develop knowledge, skill and attitude towards caring for the sick, protecting and promoting the health of the vulnerable age group, putting back the lives of chronically ill and prevention of illness and promoting the health of the people throughout their life span.

The demand for qualified and adequately trained Nurses in India and aboard is constantly on the rise. Globally nearly 20 million nurses are required with 1 in 10 jobs exists in India alone.

India Annually trains around 1,50,00  New Nurses every year which is again not even 10% of the demand for Nurses. I call upon all the incumbent students to make most of this  opportunity to provide quality health care services to our people.



Prof S Narasimha Prasad


Gangasheel School of Nursing